OkCupid Review: Enrich your bisexual dating experience

Everyone knows that dating is a dangerous minefield for a bisexual. One wrong step and you¡¯re sitting sipping expensive coffee with a complete mismatch, continually staring at your watch, hoping your misery ends. And all that after answering ¡°deep questions¡± and providing all sorts of information on your dating profile.

okcupid interface

OkCupid is a breath of fresh air in this frustrating dating world. While it does have its drawbacks, it doesn¡¯t entangle you in dating complexities other platforms are famous. It¡¯s tailor-made for a bisexual who finds these dating platforms confusing as it is. Let¡¯s run down the good and bad of OkCupid and discuss what raises it among the common herd.

Ok Cupid: The Good

A Dating Platform for all kinds of Sexual preferences (Bisexual Included)

OkCupid¡¯s login page is inviting and charming. It doesn¡¯t overwhelm your senses and makes you feel at home. One of the things I love about OkCupid is its endorsement of gender-fluidity. Most dating websites don¡¯t go beyond the traditional male-female crap. But OkCupid permits 20 sexual orientations and 12 gender identities. That ensures that users, including bisexuals, are allowed to choose their preferred pronoun and don¡¯t feel out-of-place or in uncharted waters.

The Convenience of Setting up a Profile

In my opinion, setting up an OkCupid dating profile is as fun and convenient as it gets. Upbeat and original questions like ¡°where would you prefer kissing, a tent or in Venice?¡± set the mood. People hate answering these questions when setting up their profiles, but OkCupid has somehow found a way of making them not-so-detestable. And that¡¯s just the tip of the iceberg. After your profile is good to go, you¡¯re asked many other fun questions to narrow down your preferences. And in no way are these questions unsettling or uncomfortable. They ease you into the dating process and help you find a perfect match without lying or twisting your words.

The Limitless Choice of Matches

According to Forbes, OkCupid boasts a massive user base of 30 million people. Yes, 30 million! So, if you¡¯re worried you¡¯re not going to find your hottie or it¡¯s going to take excruciatingly long, think again! In just two days, I had more than 500 potential suitors liking my profile. So, whether you¡¯re a bisexual or a transgender, OkCupid will have something for you. Don¡¯t worry!

Private Messaging is a Godsend

OkCupid doesn¡¯t allow random strangers to stuff your inbox with unwarranted dick pics and the likes. I found this protection of privacy a BIG YES! It saved me from people who were only interested in harassing and not dating. Tbh, it¡¯s straining to have so many unwanted messages in your inbox. And most people prefer talking to someone they give the green light to, even if it¡¯s not a harasser or a creepy stalker. Freedom of choice is vital, and OkCupid respects that.

OkCupid: The Bad

No dating platform is without its faults. The same is true for OkCupid. Sexual orientations, especially the bisexual orientation, may find the following drawbacks a bit frustrating.

  • Catfishing and fake profiles and account suspensions without an apparent cause have earned OkCupid a lot of negative publicity.
  • If you¡¯re a resident of a less populated city, your matches in a 10-15 mile radius are going to experience a significant drop. But then again, this happens on every other dating site.
  • While cockblocking random message senders is great and all, it¡¯s not for everyone. Some people like receiving messages from absolute strangers and having chance conversations. So, I wish OkCupid had some option to switch random messaging ON instead of shutting it down altogether.

The Verdict

Every dating website is a hybrid of two worlds: the good and the bad. In my opinion, Ok Cupid has acres of good and a small area of the bad. Especially for a bisexual, I found the platform to be rewarding, inviting, and ripe for picking.