Top 10 US Cities to Find Bisexual Single

If you would like to explore and find bisexual singles, it is essential for you to streamline your search by targeting cities with a growing population of bisexual singles. Check out this article and learn about the top 10 US cities to find your ideal partners.

 the population of Bisexual in The USA

1.San Francisco

Known as the Capital City of California, San Francisco comes first on the list of the cities to meet bisexual couples and singles in the US. With about 15% of its total population being gays and bisexuals, this city is definitely an LGBT-friendly place. If you want to date a bi-girl, some of the best places to visit in San Francisco include Dolores Park CafE, Bernal Heights, Wide Side West, Citizen Cafe, and Haight Street.

2.New York City

About 300,000 thousand individuals living in New York City are gays or bisexuals; hence, there is a large pool of people to meet here. Fortunately, you do not have to go all over the city looking for people; you can meet them on the internet, through friends and family, or visit Brooklyn, Manhattan, West Village, Queens, Jackson Heights and other neighborhoods with a sizeable population of bisexuals in New York City.


Austin is another lively place to meet bisexuals as it offers an array of lovely activities you can do with your new partner. You can check out the Twin Peaks and other gay-friendly bars that are located in the city to meet bisexual singles.


There are thousands of bisexuals in Miami; therefore, it is one of the topmost cities when you need bisexual love. Looking for places to meet people with this sexual orientation? Go to some of the bars, clubs and other places within the city.


For any bi-curious individual, you want to check out Portland in Oregon. The city, along with its people, is very friendly to bisexuals and gays and has great places where everyone can have fun irrespective of their sexual orientation.

6.Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a metropolitan city in California with lots of neighborhoods that are relatively known for having lots of bisexual couples and singles. These neighborhoods include Palm, Westwood, Los Feliz, and Carthay Square.


Found in Washington, Seattle has been associated with LGBT communities for so many years. This city hosts various bisexual- and gay-friendly events such as Pride Festival, Seattle Women's Chorus, and Seattle Men's Chorus. From Capitol Hill to downtown, this city has lovely neighborhoods where you can find and date a bi-girl.

8.Las Vegas

Being a very populated city with lots of bustling activities, it does not come as a surprise that the City of Las Vegas features on our list of the top cities to meet bisexual singles. In addition to having thousands of bisexuals that you can meet, this city also boasts of having several bisexual-friendly buddy nights, holiday parties, bars, bathhouses and many more that offer the perfect atmosphere to meet bisexuals.


Like other cities on this list, Chicago welcomes people without any form of discrimination; hence, it serves as a lovely meeting ground for many bisexual couples. Top places in this city for meeting bisexuals are Andersonville, Edgewater, Boystown, and Lakeview.


Capital and largest city in Massachusetts, Boston has been a safe haven for bisexuals for many years. Places such the South End, which are found in Boston, have great bisexual-friendly bars, clubs, caf├ęs and lots more.

With this list, you know the cities that should be targeting if you want to meet and date a bi-girl.If you are a BIseuxal woman, you can choose your cities and it will be the best for you