What is it Like to Date a Bi Girl?

So you are considering finding a bi girl on a bisexual dating app, or you have found one already, but you are not sure of what dating a bi girl feels like. Well, you are not alone because lots of people are just as confused or curious about what it feels like to date a bisexual girl. Therefore, to help you allay your fears and prepare you for dating a bisexual girl, we have outlined what it is like to date a bi girl below:

Date a bi girl

1.It does not feel any different from dating other people

Let's get one thing clear first, dating a bi girl does not feel any different from dating people with other forms of sexuality. Dating depends on how the two of you work together to build your relationship. Basically, people date different kinds of people – tall or short women; brunette or blonde. Just as these factors do not make much difference in the relationship, being a bi girl does not determine the course of your relationship; it is what you make out of the dating that counts. So, you should not treat dating a bi girl differently from other kinds of dating.

2.You can trust her as much as you can trust other girls

It is often erroneously believed that bi women are more likely to cheat on their partners because they usually have a larger pool of potential partners. This notion is totally wrong. The truth is that you can trust your bisexual partner as much as you can trust any other partners because cheating is not directly associated with sexual preferences. So, as long as trust is concerned, dating a bisexual girl does not feel any different from dating others.

3.It requires an understanding of their exclusivity in a romantic relationship

Dating a bi girl does not mean she is open to a non-monogamous relationship; so, you need to understand her preferences just like you would do for individuals with other sexual preferences. Also, dating a bisexual girl does not make it right for you or her to have another girlfriend or boyfriend on the side.

4.It requires commitment

Whether you meet your bisexual partner via a bisexual dating app, in a bar or any other place, you should bear it in mind that dating a bi girl is not experimenting for either of you. For it to work out without either side feeling like a loser, both sides need to be fully committed to the relationship.

5.It does not feel like a cage

There is still freedom in dating a bisexual girl; you are not restricted in your non-romantic relationship with others. You can have a good relationship with other men and women, and she also can befriend other men or women without catching feelings or cheating on you. Therefore, it does not feel like you are caged; you are still as free as a bird in the air.

In a nutshell, dating a bi girl is not too different from dating individuals with other sexual preferences. Therefore, it can offer you a great feeling of love and romance.