As the name suggests, is a website for people whose sexual interests veer beyond the “normal”, into the realms of dangerously quirky and terrifyingly curious. It’s the ultimate meeting place for BDSM sniffers, and fanatics of the alternative lifestyle in general. is not a commitment-oriented bisexual website; it’s built specifically for arrangements with a no strings attachment clause signed into them. It’s for the sexually bold and explorative kind.

But before you get all hot and bothered with the central theme of, there are certain considerations. For starters, the website hasn’t escaped controversy. People have labeled it as an elaborate scam designed to leave you financially high and dry.

So, what’s the real story behind Let’s find out…

How Does Function?

Well, the registration process for is mired in complications. It’s tedious and boring and forces you to answer a long list of questions, including your gender, sexual preferences and the whole nine yards. After that, you’re redirected to a membership page, where you’re asked to fork out money from your credit card or PayPal account, before you can enjoy the full benefits of the dating website.

If you bypass this passage, and decide to use a free member, you will find that it’s practically useless. You’re not allowed to respond to messages from hotties – which is quite a frequent occurrence and a cause for suspicion.

What’s the Userbase of like?

On first glimpse, seems like a paradise of likeminded BDSM individuals. But on further inquisition, you’re disappointed to find out that the proportion of fake accounts is tremendously high. So, there’s that.

When it comes to user exploration, the easiest way is to find them through the many galleries option. Here, you can hook up with users nearby your location, new users or hot users. If this doesn’t get your beak wet, there’s always the search feature for a more targeted user exploration.

One thing that’s great about is it also allows couples to register as well. And also, invites and caters to a broad spectrum of sexualities. This is especially helpful for those who have weird sexual fetishes.

What’s the Pricing Structure on

You can choose between gold and silver memberships. Both give you ample edge over free members and the price of these plans ranges from 10 to 35$ a month. For a more affordable plan, you can choose the 12-month Gold memberships which not only costs the same as the annual silver membership, bu also gives you 6 extra months for free.

Is Safe for me?

There have always been safety concerns surrounding Many users have come out and claimed that the website isn’t completely honest and upfront. There’s also the issue of fake accounts, but which website doesn’t have the problem of fake accounts? Even facebook is filled with them.

After a thorough experience, we found to be relatively safe. We did however feel as if the website is desperate to get users register to its paid memberships. Hidden features behind its paywalls and fake messages from suspicious hotties don’t help.

Conclusion is great for you if you’re willing to flip out your wallet and fork out some cash. It has a booming platform of Alt lifestyle users, which is also a huge plus point. You’re bound to hook up with someone sharing your sexual proclivities. However, safety and spamming are two things that may cause mistrust.