As a Bisexual, You Must Know the BI-Chair

The bisexual chair

The strange chair in the picture is the very hot bisexual chair in the bisexual community. You may have heard of the "bi-chair" for the first time. At the end of 2018, people discussed the bisexual bending posture, and the topic has attracted a lot of attention on Facebook and Tumblr. Although the sitting position is not directly related to gender. But over time, many bisexuals on Reedit and Twitter began to agree to the assessment and stated that the curved sitting posture is a bisexual feature.

After the appearance of bisexual sitting, someone finally designed a bisexual chair in July this year. The designer is an artist from Brazil - Ma Matiazi released a design of a bisexual chair on Instagram.

Ma Matiazi told "It was just a joke. I didn't expect so many people would like this chair. I felt the humor and fun of bisexuality."

A month later, Israel Walker made a bisexual chair with the consent of Ma Matiazi. Unlike the original design, Israel Walker changed the area of ​​the left side of the chair to 1/4, replacing the double-sided slope on the left side, and the position was lower than the original. From an ergonomic point of view, this chair is more comfortable to sit than it is. Why does Israel Walker have the idea of ​​making a Bi chair? He started to know that his daughter is a bisexual girl, and Israel Walker can't accept this fact. But the great father of Israel Walker began to try to understand bisexuality just because he wanted to know more about her daughter. He found out how interesting and kind the Bi people were, not as indifferent and disgusting as the media described. In the photo, the daughter has a confident bisexual posture, and Israel Walker does not deliberately imitate bisexual sitting, which is his respect for his daughter and bisexuality.

Ma Matiazi's bi-chair design

Because of fatherly love, bisexual sitting has become a synonym for a father to understand respect for the child's sexual orientation.

Now “bi sitting” and “bi-chair” have spread in the LGBTQ community and become the belief of many bisexual people. Although this belief is not completely scientific and correct, it is harmless, so it should be Get support. Israel Walker's Facebook was forced to rest on weekends because of the message received, most wanted to buy "bi-chair". And Israel Walker promised to make a better second version of Bi-chair next week.

I hope that in the future, many bisexuals like me can buy this unique chair at Amazon.

If you are trying to get into an interesting topic about how to start a bisexual relationship, why not try to talk about this magical "bisexual chair". I believe you can soon date with bisexual girls.