5 Best Bisexual Movies You Should Know

Bisexuals have more than their fair share of invisibility in the LGBT community. It holds for them even in the cinema! The representation given to bi characters in the film is even less than what they¡¯re offered in real life. There are hardly any movies where the protagonist is bi. Also, when bi couples are shown, they often side characters, misrepresented to the core, and almost always shown in a negative, sleazy way.

Now, we all know how important it is to see films and characters you can relate to, in the process of growing up. It not only helps you make sense of your identity and world, but it also paves the way for a better-structured life, secured by the promise of a community.

For someone as marginalized as a bisexual couple, they need to be able to see and look up to other bisexual couples, both in real and reel. For all you bisexual couples out there, looking for a sense of direction, we¡¯ve made a list of the best bisexual films that you must-see. Don¡¯t worry; they¡¯re some of the very few good ones!

1. Sex in Chains (1928)

Sex in Chains

Prison¡¯s are often the most popular props/locations for filmmakers to show homosexuality. More often than not, they give in to stereotypes. It is a film which isn¡¯t like that. It explores the topic of bisexuality very sensitively. It is the story of a man called Franz who accidentally kills a man (who is hassling his wife). He is then jailed for 3 years. Franz¡¯s bisexuality is explored through the twist in the story, where frustration from being away from his wife, leads Franz to hook up with a fellow prisoner. He eventually falls in love with him. In a heartfelt silent drama, the beauty and tragedy of his sexuality are deeply explored.

2. Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971)

Sunday Bloody Sunday

The first British film to show two men kissing, this film is a pioneer in the bisexual visual literature. The story revolves around a bisexual artist (Murray Head), who embarks on simultaneous relationships with a divorcee (a woman) and his Jewish doctor (a man). A positive portrayal of a happy bisexual man, this film is groundbreaking in more ways than one.

3. Score (1974)


Be considered one of the best erotica films, and this film celebrates bisexual sex like none other. It has a straightforward plot, based on an off-Broadway play. If it was to be explained in a few lines, in a European town, a sex hungry bisexual couple makes it their life¡¯s mission to seduce a pair of their newlywed neighbours. They end up succeeding. The best part of this film, it explores all woman-woman, man-woman, man-woman relationships.

4. Appropriate Behavior (2014)

Appropriate Behavior

A masterpiece, this film has ¡°future classic¡± written all over it. This film explores the story of a bisexual Iranian-American woman in Brooklyn, in her 20s, going through a troubled love life. The bisexual women (and their sex scenes) are depicted as very raw and genuine, without making them objects of desire, as is commonly done. This film is great for anyone living in a conservative home, building the courage to come out.

5. Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Bohemian Rhapsody

While this film isn¡¯t technically about bisexuality itself, it perhaps tackles the topic in a way very few others have done. A biopic of the legendary artist Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen, this film depicts the legend¡¯s struggle with bisexuality as his career moves along. It very accurately shows the confusion of finding out that he¡¯s bisexual, the denial, the acceptance, the letting go of Mary (the love of his love), and finally finding a suitable partner. Rami Malek¡¯s brilliant acting makes the movie very raw and very relatable.